A faster, safer way to send money to El Salvador🇸🇻 El SalvadorUSD

Transfer money to LATAM anytime and anywhere from the US. Save time when you send money with Cabal Remesas.


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🇸🇻 El SalvadorUSD
Transfer fee0.00 USD
Exchange rate1 USD = 1 USD
Total250.00 USD

⚡ Arrives in seconds

How it works:

Send money
Receive money
  1. Receive your Payment Link

    Tap the payment link that you receive from your friend or family member in El Salvadore.

  2. Input the amount

    Decide how much money you'd like to send and enter your information.

  3. Send money in seconds

    Confirm the transaction and send money in seconds from your debit card.


How much does it cost to transfer money?

Send money to El Salvador and see exactly how much will be received in your local currency. For example:


Recipient gets

Transfer fee



100.00 USD

100.00 USD

0.00 USD

100.00 USD

How long will the money transfer take?

Receivers will get their funds within seconds. Send any day, any time without waiting business days.


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Faster, simpler, safer - send to those you love today.